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4600 Clover Basin Drive, Longmont, CO 80503

Phone: 720 - 494 - 3980

Open Enrollment Window:


Altona will remain a closed school in the 2014 school year due to space limitations. However, Altona will accept a limited number of open enrolled students. 60 6th Grade Applications, 10 7th Grade Applications and 10 8th Grade Applications. The selections will be made via a lottery at the end of the Open Enrollment Window. Please read the district's open enrollment policy carefully.

We will be starting WEB Tours (Student Led) on Tuesday, December 3rd at 10:00 AM.  The tours will continue every Tuesday though January 28th

Parent Update Night/Open House 12/5/13 6:00 PM



Altona Middle School’s Mission:
Altona Middle School is a place where each individual student will create their own opportunities through Core, Enrichment, and Extracurricular achievement!  Educators, parents and students have an equal responsibility to prepare every Altona student to be a leader and obtain key 21st century skills such as self-reliance and academic competence so they are able to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Altona Middle School’s Vision:
“The middle level educational program in St. Vrain schools must develop a clear academic focus which prepares students with learning skills to make their high school experience successful.  This must be done through all instructional activities.  The middle level educational program must be structured in such a way that students who need more basic skill development receive it, even if some content or enrichment opportunities are limited, for those students, in order for this to occur.”

Standards-Based Education:
Our school is a standards-based school.  Standards-based education is not a new fad, nor is it a reconstruction of past attempts at educational reform.  Standards-based education is a system for teaching and learning that focuses on students becoming proficient in clear, measurable standards.  For students and teachers in the day to day teaching-learning process, standards-based education means teaching and learning with the “end in mind”.

Student Enrollment:                            768
Approximate class size:                       32
School hours:                                      The Office is open between: 8:00 & 4:00


The Infinite Campus Link provides a Parent Portal for viewing Grades and receiving messages.

Virtual Campus will direct you to your student's courses, where teachers will publish their daily/weekly agenda, and post additional learning links, resources, online textbooks (if available), course syllabi, papers, etc.

Both Infinite and Virtual Campus have many more features that some teachers exploit.

Altona Middle School has received 6 John Irwin Awards of Excellence and our 3rd Governor's Distinguished School Award from the State of Colorado. We are a designated Middle School To Watch by the Colorado Association of Middle Level Educators. Joe Mehsling was recognized as the Colorado Middle School Principal of the year for 2012.




(Grades 6-8)

Joseph Mehsling, Principal

Tanya Beckwith , Assistant Principal

Pat Glassner, Principals' Secretary

Jennifer Philips , Counselor

(M - Z, All Grades)

Matt Erickson , Counselor

(A - L, All Grades)

Sue Riley , Registrar

Lisa Mansfield , BuildingSecretary

Cindi Burch , Attendance Secretary

Brooke Coder Health Office

Fax # : 720-494-3989